Cost of Studying in Australia

Cost of Studying in Australia

The cost of studying in Australia was found to be consistently less expensive than the cost of studying in the UK or USA in a recent study by the Australian Government. The study included both tuition fees and living expenses on an average basis.

There are many different types of visas available which entitle you to live and work in Australia. We have included information about each of them below to help you to make an informed decision about the route you wish to take before you start to look for jobs in Australia.

Tuition Fees in Australia

Tuition fees in Australia will vary depending on the course or institution as each University sets its own tuition fees. You need to bear this in mind when choosing your course in Australia as you could be looking at an annual tuition fee of between AU$8,000 and AU$28,000. Specialist degrees such as Architecture, Medicine, and Dentistry often charge higher tuition fees. To find out more information about Universities and courses across Australia go to our Portal and access our full study section. We have all the information you need from finding the right course for you, organising your visa, opening a bank account, arranging your healthcare, online forum connecting you with other students and a job portal to help you find part time employment. Learn more.

Cost of Living

According to a recent Australian Government study the average international student in Australia will spend around AU$360 a week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport and telephone. The cost of living very much depends on your lifestyle and the location you choose to study in.

While choosing your course you should look into the cost of accommodation at the university or in the vicinity so you can take this into consideration.

A typical academic year is between 38 and 40 weeks so you will need to consider what costs you will incur outside the academic year.

Student Visas

A student visa for Australia is currently charged at AU$540. The Student visa application charge includes an International Education Contribution of $115. This contributes to Australian Government initiatives to support international education through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

In order to have an Australian student visa granted you need to prove that you have the funds available to pay for your living costs and tuition fees for the duration of your course.

The Visa Application charge must accompany your application and is generally not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

To find more information about student visas or to find a visa agent please go to out Portal.


Whilst you are resident in Australia you must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
You will need to purchase OSHC before you come to Australia to cover you from when you arrive.

You might find that your institution has an agreement with a specific OSHC provider. You can choose to take out OSHC with this provider, or with the Australian OSHC provider of your choice. As at July 2008, there are five providers of OSHC in Australia. Visit these websites to find detailed information on what they cover and to decide which provider is right for you.

Australian Health Management

BUPA Australia

Medibank Private

OSHC Worldcare

Your OSHC will help you pay for any medical or hospital care you may need while you're studying in Australia, and it will contribute towards the cost of most prescription medicines, and an ambulance in an emergency.

OSHC does not cover dental, optical or physiotherapy. If you want to be covered for these treatments you will need to buy additional private health insurance, such as:

Extra OSHC provided by some OSHC providers

International travel insurance, or General treatment cover with any Australian private health insurer. You can find a list of these providers and search for the one that suits you best at or

The cost of Overseas Student Health Cover is around AU$350 per year.

Working in Australia

International students resident in Australia on an Australian Student Visa can apply for permission to work for up to 20 hours a week during course time and full time during vacation. If you are granted your visa after 26 April 2008 you will automatically receive permission to work with your visa grant. This information is held electronically by DIAC.

You can only start work once you have started your course.

If you wish to find part time work in Australia join our job portal and search 60,000 jobs across Australia as well as join our community to speak with other students about employment opportunities and find out more about pay rates while you study. Learn more